Our latest book, Guinness World Records (GWR) 2020, is out now and is full of amazing new features, such as captivating Snapshot spreads, countless stats, spectacular imagery and, of course, hundreds of jaw-dropping, eye-popping, show-stopping records.


One of the new features of GWR 2020 is our Viral Sports chapter, which documents online crazes from around the world.

It includes many different types of records you might typically see on YouTube and social media, and each spread has a "Do Try This at Home" challenge, so you can test out your own record-breaking abilities in your own home! 


First up is the “Up in the Air” spread, which has all kinds of juggling feats, including tyres and axes! Juggler extraordinaire Taylor Glen (USA) also features on the page for her record of most juggling tricks performed in one minute (three balls) with 39.


For the "Do Try This at Home" challenge, you’re given tips and tricks to try and top Taylor’s record!


Next up is the "Play Like a Pro" spread which showcases record-holders who have taken their hobby to the extreme and turned playtime into a profession! Comedy entertainer Mark Hayward (USA) features on this spread for his mind-boggling yo-yo skills.


He "walked the dog" with his yo-yo for 8.28 m (27 ft 2.25 in) earning himself the record for the farthest distance to “walk the dog” with a yo-yo. The "Do Try This at Home" challenge for this page unsurprisingly gets you to test your yo-yo skills!


Following the "Play Like a Pro" spread is our “Balancing Acts” spread which has all manner or records to test your patience and dexterity.

This spread’s “Do Try This at Home" challenge has made the rounds online – bottle flipping!

But this challenge takes it one step further, challenging you to attempt Josh Horton’s record for the most blindfolded flips of a plastic bottle in one minute, which currently stands at 27.

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[AD] We’re trying to break a world record! To celebrate Guinness World Records 2020 coming out, the 9-year-old and I are trying to break the record for the most marshmallows in the mouth in 60 seconds. I did VERY BADLY! (Check out exactly how badly over on my Stories.) But the 9-year-old then spent the next hour poring over the book, wide-eyed at all of the cool records in it. It’s a goldmine of educational and awe-inspiring facts that she can impress her friends with, at school. I loved reading it with her too - I mean, who doesn’t remember the book from when they were a kid?! You can buy the new @guinnessworldrecords book now, on Amazon or from other booksellers, and there’s a brand new section of ‘Viral Sports’ records that you can try to break at home, like the Fastest 100m on a Space Hopper or the Most Toilet Rolls Balanced On The Head. If you do, post a photo online so that we can all see! #gwr2020

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Also on this spread is the most toilet rolls balanced on the head and the most marshmallows caught in the mouth in one minute – which some families are already giving a go!


Bringing up the rear of the Viral Sports chapter is our “Speed-cubing” spread, which is all about the marvellous Rubik’s cube.

This includes records such as the most Rubik’s cube solved on a unicycle and the fastest time to solve two Rubik’s cubes simultaneously underwater. It seems there isn’t a record the cubing community won’t try..!

We have a large portion of the page dedicated to Max Park, a serial record-breaker and cubing celebrity.

The “Do Try This at Home" challenge tasks you to improve your Rubik’s cube skills – and see if one day you could beat one of Max’s records.

There you have it, all the “Do Try This at Home" challenges that you can find in this year’s book.

These fun activities are guaranteed boredom busters, so grab your materials and a copy of GWR 2020 for a fun-filled afternoon!

Guinness World Records 2020