As part of their ongoing "Chronicles of a Record Breaker" series, sports entertainment network Whistle Sports invited American juggling extraordinaire Josh Horton to the Art Factory warehouse in Paterson, New Jersey, to showcase his incredible talents and potentially break a Guinness World Records title.

Though Josh is known for making juggling tricks look easy, an attempt at the Most samurai swords juggled would surely test his nerves?

For this new title, Guinness World Records required the blade of each sword to be a minimum of 26 inches (66 cm) long and the challenger must make twice the number of catches to the number of swords juggled.

Find out how Josh got on in the video below.

Juggling Josh also attempted several other records on the day, including Most torches juggled on a balance board and Longest duration juggling five footballs, achieving records of five ("four is child's play," he said) and 1 min 15.02 sec respectively.

Josh then went on to achieve the Most bounce juggles in one minute (three basketballs).

Josh Horton collage