The ancient skill of juggling hones hand-eye coordination and much more besides – including our powers of concentration and spatial awareness. It also aids brain development and can be both relaxing and stimulating. Best of all, it's fun! If you’re not yet a juggler, it's easy enough to learn the basics. Try filming yourself – it could help you improve your technique – and putting your video online. You might get more hits than you thought – and inspire others to give it a go too!

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Most juggling tricks in one minute (three balls)

On 16 December 2018, juggler Taylor Glenn (USA) completed 39 tricks – including the three seen here (left) – with three balls in 60 seconds at SkillCon in Las Vegas. She learned the basics of three-ball juggling when she was 12, moving on to four and five balls, and clubs too, in her teens.

Try this at home

Have you got what it takes to top Taylor’s tricks total? If you think you can out-juggle her, be sure to follow the guidelines…

  • All the tricks that you perform should be standard juggling maneuvers.
  • We’ll need you to submit a full list of all the tricks you’re going to try – and the order that you’ll be performing them in ‑ ahead of your attempt.
  • You can also include videos or photographs showing how the tricks are performed in your submission.
  • Make sure you use three commercially available juggling balls.
  • Once you start, you’ll need to complete every trick before moving on to the next one. And each trick can only be performed once.
  • You’ll need to announce each new trick out loud as you perform it.
  • Don’t drop any balls! If you do, your record attempt ends.
  • Two independent witnesses should be on hand to verify your attempt.
  • They should be proficient jugglers, and proof of their expertise should be submitted with your claim.
  • Your witnesses will have to review the video of your attempt, to confirm that you have completed all the tricks and in the correct order. 

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