Bottle flipping

If you've got a steady hand and a level head, there's a whole host of records you could try! What's more, you'll probably have many of the required objects lying around your home, such as plastic bottles. Your balancing act might become an online hit and, who knows, your record antics could kick-start the next social‑media craze…

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Most blindfolded flips of a plastic bottle in one minute

Renowned juggler and all-round entertainer Josh Horton (USA) has a number of Guinness World Records titles to his name. On 16 December 2018, he flipped a bottle through 360° a total of 27 times in 60 seconds while wearing an eye mask. Only those turnovers in which the vessel landed on its base were counted, as per GWR rules. The flipping feat took place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, during SkillCon 2018.

Try this at home

Are you ready to take on Josh’s record for blindfolded bottle flips? Be sure to read GWR's guidelines first!

  • You can use any commercially available plastic bottle for your record attempt, as long as it’s 500–590 ml (16.9–20 fl oz) in size.
  • Fill about one-third of the bottle with liquid. (You’ll need to submit a video to confirm the measurement.)
  • You'll need to wear a blindfold during the attempt. It must block your sight completely – an independent witness should confirm this.
  • Start with both hands flat on a hard, level surface, and with the bottle in front of you.
  • At the sound of the start signal, you must flip the bottle 360° in the air. It should land upright without toppling over. Remember: you can only use one hand and one bottle for the attempt.
  • If the bottle doesn’t land upright, the flip will not be counted.
  • After every flip, you must locate the bottle again yourself for the next try – no peeking! Neither c an you be helped by anyone else.
  • Only those flips of the bottle that are completed within the 60-sec time limit will count towards the total.

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