Product and Company Records

Product performance records can be measured by a single superlative and are awarded to brands whose product or service is the fastest, biggest, smallest or even the lightest etc. – for example, strongest duct tape 

This authentic and globally recognized seal of approval is perfect for:

  • Promoting or highlighting a specific product feature or performance
  • Helping customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions. 
  • Creating maximum impact on product packaging or marketing materials
Red car on a stage set

Company performance records focus on measurements that recognize the performance or commercial attributes of a company, for example, largest chocolate confectionery brand or best-selling air purifier (by sale volume). 

Trusted all over the world, a Guinness World Records Company Record has the potential to: 

  • Influence customer purchasing behaviour directly
  • Create authentic, relatable marketing messages
  • Position your brand as a market leader

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of our Company performance records and Product performance records, all claims must be backed up by independent competitor analysis or market research, and audited performance figures or product testing. 


Ready to make your mark in record history?