The application process

The first step for any successful Guinness World Records title holder is their application. Here you will find all of the information needed to make your own application, including the different options, what to expect from the process, and FAQ’s.

Step 1

Read through the information available in our records section on the website. Here you can find out everything from what makes a Guinness World Records title, to reasons applications are rejected and how to apply.

Step 2

Login or register in order to access the record database.

Step 3

Find the record you would like to attempt. If the record is active and accepting applications it will have an 'Apply Now' button. Please select this if it sounds like the record you wish to attempt. You will be taken to an online application form. If you can’t find the record you want to apply for after searching then you can suggest a new record title by scrolling to the bottom of the search results page and selecting the ‘Apply for a new record title’ button.

Step 4

Complete and submit the form. When filling in the form you can choose if you want to purchase a priority application which means you will receive your guidelines in 5 working days. (charges apply). A standard application will take up to 12 weeks to receive your guidelines and sometimes longer if there is a high demand. Please check the current waiting periods to get up to date information on waiting times.

Step 5

If your application is accepted, you will receive the record guidelines and next steps.