Guinness World Records TV shows

Welcome to Guinness World Records television. Our television shows have been seen in over 120 countries all over the world since they first began in 1998. From North America, through Latin America, Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe – we’ve been there and seen it. There is a constant stream of new records and new ideas and this means that the attempts in our shows are always being updated.

Our shows were around long before any reality TV formats hit your screens, so it is fair to say we were the pioneers of a new generation of programmes! 

We have over 1000 hours of exciting footage. Our clips are a collection of our own produced content, third-party broadcast quality and user generated content (UGC) that is submitted as evidence with record claims. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page to watch the best of our clips!Keep an eye out on Facebook for our regular Facebook Live videos, which deliver record attempts to you in real-time! 

Unfortunately Guinness World Records programmes are not available for the general public to purchase but with over 1500 videos available on our YouTube channel, check that out first as you may well find what you’re looking for!