How to collect and submit evidence

In order for us to verify your achievement, we require a number of pieces of evidence. What is required will vary depending on the record category you are applying for, but the information here will provide you with the information you need to submit the relevant information and evidence. Insufficient evidence can lead to attempt rejections, so please make sure you have read the information for your record category carefully, and use the templates provided to help you on your path to becoming OFFICIALLY AMAZING.

Longest bicycle zip wire


Please use these templates to provide evidence for your record attempt. Refer to the guidelines section in the Guide to Your Evidence document, called the “Evidence checklist” to see what is needed for your attempt. Almost 30% of the submissions are not approved because the evidence is insufficient or incorrect. So please make sure you download and read the Guide to Your Evidence before you upload your documentation.

Important information if you are taking your photos with an iPhone

The default setting on an iPhone is 'Highly Efficient'. which means all the photos you take will be be in an HEIC format. Our system currently can not process this format. Before you use an iPhone to capture your attempt you must change your iPhone setting from 'Highly efficient' to 'Most compatible' That way the images will be saved in the jpeg format which we will be able to process. To change the format please follow the instructions below.

How to change HEIC to jpg On iPhone

Guide to Your Evidence

This guide contains all the important information needed to prepare you on the road to gathering and submitting your evidence.

It includes information for producing better video evidence as well as photographic evidence.
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Cover letter template

A cover letter is required for ALL records. This is your opportunity to provide Guinness World Records with a clear overview of your record attempt. It’s a final summary you complete before submitting your evidence, as it will provide a road map for our records management team when evaluating the accompanying evidence. Please use this downloadable form to submit a Cover Letter.

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Witness statement template

Every record attempt requires 2 witness statements. Witness statements are statements of authentication that must be filled out by independent individuals who verify all relevant details of a record attempt. Refer to Guide to Your Evidence for a definition of ‘independent’. Remember that several records will require a Specialist Witness Statement – see Guide to Your Evidence for further details. Please use these templates to submit your general and Specialist Witness Statements.

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Steward statement template

For a mass participation record we require Stewards to supervise groups of 50 or fewer participants, in order to disqualify any attendees who do not successfully take part in the record attempt. Please give your Stewards these templates to fill out. You need to upload all Steward Statements as part of your evidence. If your mass participation record involves more than 5,000 people, the counting process must be done by an auditing firm and it is still compulsory to submit steward statements in addition to the auditors’ report.

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Endurance marathon log book template

Please use this template for all records lasting more than one hour. Your witnesses will need to indicate all timings and activity in the logbook.
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Other documents

Depending on your record you will be required to upload other documents, such as a Medical Statement, Auditor’s Report, Timekeeper Statement, etc. Please refer to the Guidelines section “Evidence checklist” for further details. There are no templates for these documents, so please ensure that the persons preparing these statements indicate their credentials and contact details.