Video evidence

Complete video footage of your record attempt is essential, as it is how our Records Management Team can truly adjudicate your record attempt and verify the details provided by the independent witnesses.

Farthest wakeboard ramp jump by a male

What must the video evidence include?

  • Your video evidence must show the entire record attempt, from start to finish. This is required for all attempts, regardless of how long the attempt lasts.
    • For ‘longest marathon’ record attempts, we understand that it may be necessary to change batteries or tapes during the attempt, and for this reason you should have a second camera to film while the first camera is not running.
    • With attempts longer than one hour, you should make sure to mark significant moments in the attempt. You can provide us with a list of the times in the video when these moments occur.
  • The camera must focus clearly on the record attempt so that it is possible to accurately observe and judge the record attempt.
  • The video must clearly show the measurement of the record, e.g. participants being counted for a mass participation record, or the weighing process for a large food item.
  • Make sure to include all parts of the attempt relevant to the record guidelines. For certain attempts, such as large food items, this may be preparation that takes place prior to the actual measurement of the record.
  • It is also recommended to provide a brief introduction to the attempt at the beginning of the video, including your name or the name of the organisation attempting the record, Application Reference number, and record being attempted.
  • Make sure you keep your camera steady throughout the video. A tripod can help you film your record attempt when you do not have any additional help. 
  • Get as close to the action as possible or use classic compositions such as the rule of thirds to draw attention to the particular part of the scene where the action takes place.
  • Be aware of the light when filming your video evidence. When outdoors, try and find a position where the sun is evenly lighting the record attempt you want to film. If some parts of the shot are looking too bright or too dark, change your position and find another angle where the light is working for you. 
  • Whenever possible, try to have additional cameras filming the overall scene as well as details of the skills or any other particular points that demonstrate you are complying with the guidelines of the record. 
  • Please make sure all your video evidence is recorded with a good audio quality and this is included as part of the video evidence.

The better your video, the more likely we will feature it on our Guinness World Records website and video channels.

What formats do you accept?

We accept any video format which can be played on a PC, e.g. mp4, avi but our preferred formats are:

  • MPEG 4
  • MOV
  • HEVC
  • MKV
  • 3GPP
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
  • Frame rate: 25 fps or 23.98 or 29.97
  • Phone filming: Horizontal – not vertical
  • *IMPORTANT NOTE : If you are using an iPhone for images or video please go to your camera settings and select Most compatible to ensure we can use your footage. iPhone change to new formats regularly and they may not work in our systems.