Current application wait times

Globally we receive over 1,000 applications a week that we process free of charge (or for a small administrative fee if they are suggestions for new record titles). Each application is assessed individually by a member of the Records Management Team, and all evidence for attempted titles is reviewed to ensure the guidelines have been followed.

In order to ensure that applying for records is accessible and affordable, we have a waiting time of up to 12 weeks. However, there are periods of times time when we receive large volumes of applications and our response timelines have to be amended.

Due to a large volume of applications:

  • The current waiting period for all applications is a maximum of 16 weeks
  • Our current waiting time for reviewing evidence for attempted records is a maximum of 16 weeks.
  • Our current waiting time for answering online correspondence is a maximum of 2 weeks.
If your application is urgent please upgrade to our Priority Application process which will reduce your waiting time to 5 working days.