Anniversaries are landmark moments that deserve to be shared and celebrated – with your customers, your colleagues, your peers – everyone in fact!
A record-breaking anniversary is a chance to get creative with your celebrations, so, why not mark your next milestone in unique style with an official record attempt.

Harness the festive power of record breaking to:

  • Maximize PR – a record-breaking anniversary is a newsworthy anniversary, allowing you create media cut-through with your good news story
  • Unite employees – breaking a record is the ultimate proof that your staff are the best in the world! Why not give them the opportunity to share long-lasting memories of your anniversary by taking part in a record attempt
  • Engage customers – a event with a record at its heart is a great way to say thank you to customers and gives them the chance to become part of the celebrations
  • Elevate your brand story – a record attempt is a great way to share your business success

Our versatile record formats give you the chance to weave your brand values into the attempt or maybe even feature your products in the attempt itself. From supersized items to mass participation record attempts where everyone is invited to be part of the fun, to giant works of art, this is a chance to turn your anniversary into an unforgettable moment in history, whatever style of record you choose.
Find out more about different types of record breaking, it’s time to get the party started!

Please note that if you are attempting a record for commercial purposes, you will be directed to our account-managed Consultancy Division which is a paid-for service.
To learn more visit our Business Solutions FAQ page, or get in touch with the team.


Ready to make your mark in record history?