Diversity & Inclusion

Guinness World Records is absolutely committed to diversity, inclusion and representation of all protected characteristics within our content, products and people.


Our commitment

Whether it is in our books, on our numerous web and digital platforms or in the make up of our thousands of record holders, we feel duty-bound to discover and share the interests, passions and achievements of people from all walks of life, free from prejudice and discrimination.

In doing so, we hope to encourage everybody to keep an open mind, seek answers and respect what makes us different, but also what unites us.

We understand there is still a lot of work to do to ensure all voices are heard as equal, and we accept responsibility for the role we must play.

What are we doing?

Within GWR a number of projects are underway, designed to help us become the inclusive brand we hope to be.

We have begun the process of an annual diversity and inclusion audit of GWR publishing and digital content, through which we hope to increase the presence and prominence of any underrepresented groups.

In partnership with external diversity and inclusion experts, we are also running focus groups in markets around the world, the outcomes of which will directly inform the decisions we take future direction of the brand.

Furthermore, a project is underway to determine in more detail the make up of all GWR applicants and record breakers and we intend to publish a report on an annual basis which publicises this make up, as well as highlighting areas of improvement which will become priorities in the year following.