Employee Engagement at Avolon with Guinness World Records

Employee engagement strategies

From break-away-from-the-norm days to unconventional conventions, we’re making events extraordinary. Authenticity, passion, integrity and, above all, celebration are the cornerstones of innovative employee engagement ideas. Designed to energise your audience, fire up your teams and unite everyone behind a common cause, we’re proud to present Guinness World Records employee engagement events.

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Unite your employees

Designed and delivered by Guinness World Records, our employee engagement activities have been tested and are trusted at corporate events worldwide. With customised consultancy to meet your company’s desired objectives, style, audience and budget, we ensure that the unique and lifelong memories of record-breaking leave your employees and attendees feeling captivated, motivated and bonded.

Our events can:

  • Offer unique challenges that raise the profile of your CSR & fundraising events
    When you put a world record attempt at the heart of your CSR initiative, not only do your employees make a difference to your chosen cause, they enjoy the additional excitement that comes with the prospect of becoming a world record holder. It’s a story that they’ll want to share with friends and family, and one that you will be proud to tell through your company’s PR activity.
  • Help lift your conferences and conventions to new heights
    Record-breaking offers a launchpad to break the ice and energise your audience.
  • Create standout moments to mark anniversaries and other occasions
    Whether it’s your employee awards, a milestone anniversary or simply a thank-you, your employees can be rewarded and celebrated through the unique opportunity to break a world record.
  • Enhance team synergy with our distinctive team building exercises
    Our events encourage integration of your departments, as they work together as one team to achieve a common goal.

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At United Biscuits we take great pride in our team spirit and the Guinness World Records day provided an opportunity to strengthen this through a bespoke challenge, tailored to our focus on achieving even bigger and better things within the UK sales team this year. To have broken a Guinness World Records title is a fantastic achievement for the team and was a fun way to kick-off the year.

— Mark Winter, Sales Director at United Biscuits UK & Ireland

I am really proud of our achievement to set this Guinness World Records title as well as the whole process on how we achieved it. This unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity brought our teams together and enabled us to achieve the target on hand through strong collaborations – the same collaboration we strive to achieve with our customers, which lets us grow with them in a trustful relationship.

— Bert Wolfram, CEO at Continental Japan

This Guinness World Records attempt rallies the collective Deloitte Southeast Asia, and demonstrates the cohesiveness of our people. It also shows the innovative culture within Deloitte, where we harness the power of our people to harvest good quality ideas that will help us structure and advance our business as we navigate the ever-changing marketplace.

— Dr Janson Yap, Innovation leader at Deloitte Southeast Asia