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Welcome to the live entertainment arm of Guinness World Records, where we design branded experiences that are fun, educational and OFFICIALLY AMAZING™. From stage shows and children’s entertainment, to galleries and exhibits, here we bring the book to life and give audiences the chance to explore, challenge and even break official world records.

What to expect

Our Entertainment Services are about more than just one specific record. By licensing our IP and unique formats, your visitors will receive immersive and interactive experiences which have a heavy emphasis on audience participation, and which delve deep into the heart of record breaking. Keeping both global and local content in mind, we ensure the experience remains appealing and relevant to any audience.

At the heart of the offering, our focus remains to facilitate audiences having fun, being entertained and gaining new some new knowledge.

Events are custom designed and focus firstly on exploring records through these exhibits, picture galleries, video and live record-breaking talent. Secondly, through challenging records with official adjudicators present to judge teams, individuals or even whole communities.

Event durations can run from a matter of hours to a residence lasting several months, with footprints from 10m2 to 10,000m2 plus, and everything else in between.

Our Entertainment Services are ideally suited to leisure resorts, festivals, theme parks, museums, shopping malls and cruise ships – in fact, any place you have an audience you want to amaze and entertain.

Breaking the Guinness World Records title for the Most people holding the abdominal plank position has been an icing in the cake by giving women a feeling of community achievement. We hope this inspires women to always believe in themselves, work on their core strength and to live the philosophy of our Do You campaign.

— Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director at Puma India

Not only did we set a Guinness World Records title for the Largest item unboxed, we set the record for the most-watched film from Volvo Trucks North America. 

— Magnus Koeck, VP of Marketing and Brand Management at Volvo Trucks North America

Achieving a Guinness World Records title has helped LG Electronics creatively demonstrate the reduced vibrations offered by the Centum System Washing Machine and clearly prove the product’s differentiated and advanced technology. 

— Huiwon Kwon, Manager of HA Marketing Communication Division at LG Electronics

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