Record Holder Talent & Children’s Programmes

If you have ever met the tallest man in the world or watched the furthest piloted flight of a hoverboard, you’ll know that these are unforgettable memories - stories that you will retell for the rest of your life. These memories can be made possible through our Record Holder Talent tours. 

Entertainment with an educational theme is not forgotten, we also use our captivating content to create age-appropriate Children’s Programmes, guaranteed to amaze and engage young people. 

Record Holder Talent

We work with our iconic record-breaking talent to produce educational experiences, variety shows, meet and greets, workshops and custom-written production shows which are guaranteed to amaze your audiences. 

Children’s Programmes

For children, record breaking provides a unique lens on the world, a way to discover and marvel at incredible accomplishments, make sense of new concepts and feed their innate sense of curiosity. 

We can use a combination of engaging record related pictures, video and activities to exercise young ​minds and bodies. ​ 

Each programme is designed for its target audience and production budget – we can cater for the young up to the slightly older teen- and can adapt these programmes for as many seasons as desired at your venue.  


Ready to make your mark in record history?