Community Engagement

Record breaking has the power to create profound emotional connections, turning the everyday into an unforgettable experience. We can help you rally a community behind a cause or fundraising drive, attract visitors to tourism destinations and celebrate local culture and tradition.
From giant sandcastles to enormous fountains, to spectacular firework displays – these are just a few examples of how record-breaking attractions have delighted communities and stimulated tourism.

What to expect

Our mass participation records create inclusive, shared moments where everyone can be a record breaker.
From themed costume gatherings (e.g., largest gathering of people dressed as scientists) to simultaneous performances on a grand scale, (e.g., largest merengue dance), everybody plays their part. You could even transform your audience into a piece of art by creating a human image (e.g., largest human image of a rocket). 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a show-stopping photo opportunity, then why not create an awe-inspiring, larger than life item that will get everybody talking?
Our clients have harnessed the power of record breaking to mark national days, celebrate local traditions, unite neighbourhoods, support tourism and much more. Whatever your community goals, record-breaking has the power to deliver powerful shared experiences and long-lasting memories.

With products and services that include record ideation, project & event consultancy, and provision of staff such as coaches and stewards, not to mention the option to have an official adjudicator attend your event, our expert team will work with you to help find the perfect record-breaking activity for your audience. We will provide you with the support you need to ensure a successful, unforgettable event and can advise you on how to make use of our instantly recognizable name and logo to guarantee that everyone knows they’re taking part in an authentic Guinness World Records attempt. 

If you’re ready to turn your local community into a legendary community, get in touch!

Please note that if you are attempting a record for commercial purposes, you will be directed to our account-managed Consultancy Division which is a paid-for service.
To learn more visit our Business Solutions FAQ page, or get in touch with the team.


Ready to make your mark in record history?