CSR & Fundraising

As a society, we care more now about social purpose than ever before, and businesses and brands have a responsibility to play a meaningful and genuine role in making change for good. What’s more, customers expect businesses to step up on societal issues and, more and more, are making purchasing decisions based on brands’ ethical credentials.

For a CSR campaign to have a true impact and inspire action, it needs to be capable of provoking an emotional response to unite people behind a single cause.

Record breaking has the power to create that emotional response, raising awareness on a scale that can generate global media headlines, trigger social-media-fuelled fundraising, and make a real difference.

What to expect

Whether you are a charity looking to raise funds in a local community or a multinational corporation with an ambition to drive change at a global level, record breaking has the power to unite groups of all sizes behind a shared purpose.

Whatever your objective, our team will work with you to find a record-breaking solution to raise awareness of your campaign or cause marketing initiative. If you need to educate people about your cause, a record-breaking lesson could be the way forward.

Maybe you need to make an impact but don’t have much time - a day-long, record-breaking donation drive could be the answer. And if you’re looking to connect and inspire people in multiple locations, an online record titles attempt is a great way to engage people in a shared experience

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