Types of Record-breaking

When it comes to record breaking, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a brand marketing activation, new product launch, driving digital engagement, or uniting a community behind an important cause, we offer versatile ways of breaking a Guinness World Records title through our unique record formats. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to find the best record to meet them.

a crowd of people doing the waltz at christmas time in a city square

What to expect

Our creative team will integrate your key messages and brand values to deliver innovative marketing ideas that engage your audience with authenticity, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

Those who execute a Guinness World Record creative marketing campaign will benefit from:

  • Guinness World Records Brand Usage: 
    Make it official with the power of our word mark and official logos. Our brand identity has been designed to represent the amazing emotions of record-breaking. Depending on your campaign objectives, the Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt and Record Holder logos can be used across all your communication channels and touchpoints to ensure maximum outreach.


Ready to make your mark in record history?