Ryan Luney holds the record for most fire breathing backflips in one minute with 17

Fire eating and free running are two activities you might not put together, but that’s not stopped multiple record holder Ryan Luney.

Having started out by breaking two record titles for his free running abilities, Ryan decided to combine the two extreme sports and has bagged himself a total of five Guinness World Records titles, and a place in this year's book

His latest attempts include most fire breathing side flips in one minute, most fire breathing full corkscrew flips in one minute and most fire breathing backflips in one minute.

Most fire breathing backflips in one minute

Originally from a small coastal town called Carrickfergus just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ryan began free running 10 years ago as a young boy, earning himself the nickname of 'Backflip Boy' in school, it was from here he found a passion for the sport. 

"Now free-running is an integral part of who I am as a person, it is my passion that I love to share with many great individuals in a community that spans all over the world." 

It wasn't until Ryan was 18 that he started fire-breathing and despite the 'don’t try this at home' warnings, it was in his back garden that he began perfecting his skills and integrating it with free running. 


We sat down with Ryan, where he explained how he was inspired to begin breaking records during his time in university while studying an undergraduate degree in Psychology, after being terrified into thinking he would never get a job without something amazing to make him stand out in an interview. 

"I had a eureka moment and came to the perfect decision that there is one thing I could have that is proof, without a shred of a doubt, that no one else on his planet has: a Guinness World Records title."

Following his research on the GWR website, Ryan found his first record title to attempt which was the longest reverse vault, following this he went onto break the title for lowest standing back somersault


"After I beat my first Guinness World Records title, I was hooked. I thought about how amazing it was to own it and how incredible it would be, and make me stand out more, if I had not only one but two Guinness World Records titles. After applying for a second, I thought about a third, and so on, and I believe by then I had caught the record-breaking bug."

How do you choose which record title to attempt?

I choose records or even create them myself by going onto the Guinness World Records website and typing in either 'parkour/free running' or 'fire breathing' and seeing either what ones I could beat that are within my skill set, or what ones are missing that I could incorporate my skills into a brand new record.

The majority of the rest of my records actually came from Ex-Jackass star Steve-O.

Which has been the most challenging record you have broken so far?

I suppose each record I've broken has its own unique challenges, not only with breaking the record, but knowing its being measured and filmed correctly to have appropriate evidence for confirmation of the record. But I would say the most difficult record was the most fire breathing full corkscrew flips in one minute. I found this one very difficult as I wasn't just having to complete fire breathing backflips, but also integrating a 360-degree twist into the flip.

Ryan Luney ball of fire

What is your favourite record title you hold? 

I would say that my favourite is my second one, which is the most fire breathing backflips in one minute. The reason for this is that this is the record that sort of spouted everything. It was the record that got the attention of not only the guys at Guinness World Records, but also local TV shows and newspapers, and it’s always the record that leaves people fascinated when I tell them my records.

How does it feel to be a Guinness World Records title holder?

It honestly feels incredible! I didn't think being a Guinness World Records title holder would have such an impact in my life, but it is definitely a conversation starter and has led to some amazing things.


Do you plan on breaking more record titles?

100%! And I cannot say that with more enthusiasm! I am so excited for the next record and challenge to come along and I plan on breaking as many as I can throughout my life. I have so many ideas for other records that haven't even been attempted yet that I would love to pursue, including the most backflips performed while blindfolded in one minute (which is a lot harder than it sounds!).

You can find more fire records in Guinness World Records 2020, which is also packed with other extraordinary talents, robots, viral sports and many other fascinating records

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