Meet the record-breakers who’ve taken their hobbies to the extreme and turned playtime into a profession! These are the yo-yoers who’ve invested thousands of hours of practice to become the best in the world at what they do. If you’ve got a pastime you love, then you're already half way to joining the ranks of the record-breaking. Take inspiration and set yourself some goals – who knows, you might even get your name in next year's book!

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Farthest distance to "walk the dog" with a yo-yo

Comedy entertainer Mark Hayward (USA) is also a world yo-yo and spintop champion. It ’s no surprise, then, that he’s a record holder for "walking the dog". In this trick, the performer throws a spinning yo-yo down so that it touches the ground and rolls forward. Mark broke this record at Skill Con on 15 December 2018, when he made his yo‑yo travel an unrivalled 8.28 m (27 ft 2 in).

Try this at home

Can you "walk the dog" farther than Mark? If you’re applying for the GWR title, be sure to follow our guidelines…

  • Make sure you use a commercially available yo-yo that hasn’t been modified in any way. You’ll need witnesses on hand to confirm this.
  • You should make your attempt on a level surface. 
  • Keep that yo-yo spinning throughout the trick. If it stops, so does your record attempt! 
  • Your witness has to measure the horizontal distance that the yo-yo travels, so they'll need to place a marker at the point where it first touches the ground. 
  • The measurement stops at the point where the yo-yo leaves the ground to return to your hand. Again, a witness should mark where this point is. 
  • As the yo -yo begins to lift off the ground, make sure that it returns to your hand in a controlled manner. 
  • You’ll have to time your attempt and submit this reading with the rest of your evidence. 
  • Make sure you film your attempt from start to finish – including the measurement of the distance covered by the yo-yo. And we’ll need to see slow-motion footage too.

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