Collage of photos with a marching band, a building tower and a deep pool

It's official! Guinness World Records 2023 is now available in bookstores around the world.

This year, the book features jaw-dropping world records from an incredible array of individuals, companies and non-profit organizations.

Here are some of the records achieved by companies that have made it into the 2023 edition, from pet food brands to blockbuster film production teams!

Fastest time for a dog to run the bases on a baseball field

Meet Macho - this talented dog trained his speed for more than a year and now he’s a record holder for the fastest time for a dog to run the bases on a baseball field.

Macho successfully attempted this record at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California (USA). His speedy event was sponsored by LUCY PET FOODS (USA), a pet food company focused on nutritional balance and lifelong enrichment.

Most high explosives detonated in a single film take

The James Bond franchise is well known for their use of spectacular stunts, action scenes and impressive explosions. 

That's especially true of their latest installment, No Time To Die, which broke the record for the most high explosives detonated in a single film take

With the impressive amount of 136.4 kg of TNT equivalent, this record was achieved by EON Productions, MGM Studios, Universal Pictures, Chris Corbould and Event Horizon (all UK) on Salisbury Plain, United Kingdom on 8 March 2019. The explosions were used during the film's climactic ending.

Deepest swimming pool for diving

The deepest swimming pool for diving is 60.02m (196 ft 10 in) and was achieved by Deep Dive Dubai (UAE), in Dubai, UAE, on June 27 2021.

Located in Nad Al Sheba neighbourhood in Dubai, the massive pool features a sunken city that divers from all levels can explore featuring abandoned streetscape, an apartment, garage, arcade and many other surprises.


Largest gathering of people wearing holiday jumpers / sweaters

The largest gathering of people wearing holiday sweaters is 3,473 and was achieved by Kansas Athletics (USA) at the men’s basketball game vs. Montana in Lawrence, Kansas, USA on 19 December 2015.

Brightly colored KU sweaters were visible throughout the game, including the marching band and most of the team's bench staff.

Tallest Hotel

The world’s tallest hotel (UAE) opened on 12 February 2018, targeting families and travelers who, instead of the Dubai’s energetic nightlife, prefer a quiet hideaway in the sky. The hotel has four restaurants, an open-air pool deck, and its own spa and health club.

The gold-coloured, 75-storey Gevora Hotel measures 356.33 m (1,169 ft) tall from ground level to the top, with 528 hotel rooms that go up to the 71st floor.

People making heart gestures on screen

Most people making heart-shaped hand gestures online simultaneously

To draw attention to their initiative Little Heroes and raise awareness for congenital heart disease, Abbott EMEA Structural Heart (Belgium) broke the record for most people making heart-shaped hand gestures online simultaneously with 399 employees taking part.

Longest Chimichanga by Macayos Restaurant

Longest chimichanga

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, Macayo’s restaurant (USA) created the longest chimichanga measuring at a whopping 7.80 m (25 ft 7 in).

The record attempt took place in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 25 September 2021.

Guinness World Records certificate presentation for largest Bacalau

Largest bacalhau

The largest bacalhau, weighing an impressive 10,3kg, 113 cm high and 70 wide, was caught in Norway, and was officially certified in Portugal.

With this record, Jaangard AS (Norway) wanted to bring both cultures together and generate overall brand awareness by establishing a new Guinness World Records title.


Largest commercially available pizza

Pizza lovers: Could you imagine having a deliciously cheesy 1.98 m² (21 ft² 48 in²)-pizza pie delivered right to your door?

In the town of Burlson in Texas, USA, Moontower Pizza Bar's latest menu offering is a dish that's claimed the record for the world’s largest pizza commercially available.

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