WestJet has set two Guinness World Record titles for constructing an illuminated prize wheel in the Utah desert.

The wheel, which was a kilometre-wide and visible from a bird’s eye view, lit up as WestJet flight 1118 from Toronto, descended into Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) earlier this month.

Greatest light output in a projected image 2

Inspired by a roulette wheel- the casino game so synonymous with Las Vegas, the brilliant helm achieved the Greatest light output in a projected image as well as the Largest circular projection.

Passengers were told to look out their windows to view the massive creation while attendants on board announced that one lucky guest would receive the Vegas trip-of-a-lifetime if their seat number appeared on the giant LED wheel.

Included in the package were several exciting gifts, ranging from a $2,500 shopping spree all the way to two tickets to see Cirque du Soleil.

To see who was selected for the prize, check the video below.

“WestJet turned 21 this year and as the international airline that brings the most guests to Las Vegas, we celebrated by lighting up the desert," said Rob Daintree, WestJet Director of Marketing. "Inspired by the brilliance, energy and wonderful experiences Las Vegas provides, we created a unique event for our guests by flying over a radiant prize wheel.”

For the record, the measurements for the light output in a projected image was a shining total of 4,666,000 lumens, and the projection itself totalled 785,398 square meters (8,453,953.71 square feet).

Upon declaring that WestJet had just achieved the two new records, official adjudicator Michael Empric said, "It was a huge and arduous undertaking that went into creating something really big, really bright and really special for the airline's guests. I'm delighted to welcome WestJet to the Guinness World Records family." 

In order to make this title possible, WestJet planned for six months and used 61,483 feet of cable.

New Component

Even though only one seat took home the grand prize, each passengers on the flight received discounted tickets to Cirque du Soleil shows, complementary cocktails from STK at The Cosmopolitan, and $25 gift cards for the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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