Largest marker pen collage

Staff from the Japanese stationery manufacturer, Zebra, have built a record-breaking 1.684 metre long (5 ft 6.3 in) marker pen to celebrate their 120th anniversary.

It is a to-scale replica of the company's popular 'Hi-Mckee' oil-based pen and was confirmed to be the world’s Largest marker pen by Guinness World Records adjudicator Kaoru Ishikawa, following its grand unveiling in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Putting the pen together

The pen had to be at least ten times larger than its original in order to set the new record, but Zebra decided to go even further and make it 12 times bigger.

It took a total of three months to construct the supersize pen, with a full hour was spent simply filling it with 3.14 kg (1 lb 14.76 oz) of ink.

Largest marker pen testing

Talking about the attempt, project leader Ms. Mayumi Yamaguchi explained: "Hi-MCKEE has a nib on both sides, thick and narrow, and that is a unique feature of this pen. It was all handmade, so we cut and shaved the nibs to make them a different size on each end."

The final product weighed a whopping 17.48 kg (38 lb 8.64 oz) – but Zebra staff were still able to lift it just enough to prove they could write with it.

Adjudicator Karou

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