Multiple record holder Football for Friendship (F4F) broke their third title on 26th May 2021 for the most users to visit a virtual stadium.

What an impressive goal - or actually a hat-trick for F4F!

Just days before the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final, a total of 1,112 users logged onto the multiplayer simulator Football for Friendship World, also known as F4F World.


12 to 14-year-old children from over 200 countries took part online, with 450 children physically present at a stadium in Russia, playing on their mobile devices.

All participants had to download the app to take part in the virtual football game.

The record achievement was measured by engagement, not attendance.


Their engagement was verified by a 'cheering' function where they also received points for how well they 'cheered' in time with the football chants that occurred throughout the match.

Young journalist, Kinley Deki Yangzom from Bhutan who took part in the record attempt said:

"Adrenaline rushed through me as my team won! 'Hurray!' I shouted in complete bliss but when I took a moment to think about setting the record, my smile grew wider as I had full belief that we would have done it. That F4F would have set a new world record!"

The record achievement was officially announced on a live stream on 29th May.

Global Ambassador for F4F, the Brazilian football legend Roberto Carlos, reached out to everyone to say: "Let us all become part of a major event. We are all participants in Gazprom’s F4F programme. We will get this record title!"

There was also support from the Russian football champions Yevgeni Aldonin and Dimitri Sennikov, Russian footballer of the year (2004) Dmitri Sychev and the ambassador for Russian women’s football Elena Ryzhikova.

Russian twins and TikTok stars Katya and Nastya were also present along with influencer Kirill Kolesnikov.


Football for Friendship is an international children’s social programme created by Gazprom since 2013.

The global operator of the programme is AGT Communications Group (Russia).


The programme includes a number of sports and educational events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Football for Friendship already holds two Guinness World Records titles: 

  • Most nationalities in a football (soccer) training session (57)
  • Most users in a football/soccer video hangout (1,009)

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