The American University of Beirut has achieved a new record for the Largest notebook mosaic (flag), after the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business created the Lebanese flag out of 60,000 journals positioned on a field in the campus. 


Measuring 4,039 square metres (43,475 square ft), the flag was constructed as part of a project created by the students called 'Share the flag.' 

The aim of the project was to raise awareness of the "quality and accessibility of education in public schools in Lebanon," with the record attempt among celebrations that began with the Lebanese national anthem and the university’s song, followed by speeches, songs and dances by university students. 

Largest notebook mosaic flag

The record was verified by Samer Khallouf, Head of Records Management Team and adjudicator at Guinness World Records.


Afterwards, the notebooks were donated to a large number of Lebanese public schools, in order to support the cause of the event and for the benefit of children across the country.

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Largest notebook mosaic