Taking place during Frosh Week (Freshers Week) with the aim of promoting healthy eating and the institutions’s annual food fair, McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada produced the Largest smoothie ever and raised the record for the tenth time since it was first set in 2002.
The huge 3,121.7 litres (686.6 gal, 824.7 US gal) smoothie was almost ten times the size of the 2002 attempt, and significantly surpassed the record of 2,300 litres (607.6 US gal) that was set by Dry July (Australia) at Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia, in 2014.
A team of 100 university staff and student volunteers spent four hours preparing the supersized smoothie, which contained locally sourced ingredients: 170 watermelons, 400 cantaloupe melons, 50 cases of bananas, 950 containers of yoghurt, and thousands of fresh berries.
As per the Guinness World Records guidelines, the entire smoothie was chopped and blended on site and then poured into a giant container.
Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empiric was on site to verify the record (with the help of some engineering students) and present an official certificate.
He said: “Everyone understands what it’s like to make a smoothie at home or to make a cake at home, but to do it on such an epic scale is something completely different … It’s a smoothly done smoothie.”
The juicy drink was then distributed to 5,000 students and 1,000 litres were donated to the homeless shelter Old Brewery Mission.