Employee engagement napkins

These days, employee engagement has become extremely important for employees to feel like they’re a part of the team. Organisations are using it to communicate their company values, purposes and objectives to staff in a clear and effective way - reducing staff turnover, improving productivity and increasing overall profits along the way!

Through the years, we’ve helped a multitude of organisations with their employee engagement efforts and distinctive objectives. Looking for an exhilarating employee engagement experience? Take a look at how you can include different purposes to your strategy to create a standout campaign. 

Create engaging content

US-based retailer Aaron’s Inc. wanted a team-building challenge that would really land at its national managers’ meeting for its 2,000 associates, bringing employees together in a sense of achievement. And land it did, with 1,200 members of staff lining up to attempt the largest human mattress dominoes.

A dominoes expert was on hand to set up 34 rows of mattresses. Things went so well (no lying down on the job here!) that the record was broken on the first attempt. 

Afterwards all 1,200 mattresses were given to charity, including A Wider Circle, an organisation focused on helping end individual and family poverty.

CMI states that content is one of the most important tools to promote a business, with almost half of marketeers utilising content to reach their customers. Aaron’s Inc was able to incorporate their employee engagement campaign into their external marketing strategy, with the video of their record attempt accumulating 58 million views on YouTube. 

This demonstrates that employee engagement can not only boost employee morale, but also create a sight that millions of people are happy to watch again and again, which doesn’t do brand recognition any harm at all!

Corporate social responsibility


Whether it be your company’s public image, or improving the relationship between your consumers and employees, corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavours are a perfect way to show that you really care. With studies linking CSR to employee engagement through increased employee retention and improved reputation in the eyes of employees - why not apply a CSR element to your employee engagement campaign and do well by doing good?

RB (Reckitt Benckiser)  did exactly that to engage their employees with a purpose at their annual sales and marketing conference. Eager to attempt a record which would motivate its team whilst at the same time give back to the community, 500 employees worked together to achieve the most backpacks stuffed with school supplies in one hour.

A total of 1,512 backpacks were stuffed with notebooks, calculators, pencils, pens before being donated to the Andre Agassi Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of America, destined for disadvantaged children.

Enhance brand awareness


Fun activities that relate back to your brand can turn your engaged employees into brand advocates. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Aarata seamlessly incorporated its brand message into a record-breaking activity when its employees helped create the largest origami word.

Using origami planes, the attempt was a nod to the past since the symbol of flying paper planes was used in newspaper advertisements when PwC was first established. However, while acknowledging the company’s routes, the event also symbolised the company flying towards future objectives. This creative employee engagement campaign enhanced internal and external communications and helped make PwC’s audience aware of its history.

Unite employees


Record-breaking team building events can make offsite conferences even more memorable, giving your employees the chance to come together for the perfect ice-breaker.

Carnival the world's largest travel leisure company, launched its new values and Summer of Happiness programme through breaking cruise-themed record titles. It was all hands on deck for the staff with a mass participation record that involved crew and officers around the world, as well as three titles that could be attempted by colleagues at the Southampton office (UK). The event received positive acclaim from the staff, showing that offsite days can be an exhilarating experience for all involved.

Are you looking to create an unforgettable employee engagement event for your organisation?  Contact an account manager today to begin your record-breaking journey.