Home appliances brand De'Longhi Group Iberia (Spain and Portugal) invited its employees to attempt a record for the Most t-shirts ironed in one hour (team) using the company’s products, at their recent Annual National Meeting in Madrid, Spain.
The 97 attendees achieved the record by ironing an incredible 1,982 tops under the watchful eye of official Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford.
Most t-shirts ironed in one hour adjudicator
The company chose to set a Guinness World Records title because they wanted to celebrate their personal record-high sales achievements from 2015, so they gave the convention a theme of ‘Breaking Records’.
Alex Barnett, General Manager at De'Longhi Group Iberia said: “We are very proud at De'Longhi to have broken a Guinness World Record.  For many a childhood dream come true! Our aim is to continue breaking records this year, and this event was the perfect kick-off for motivating the team and showing them what we can achieve with our very own Braun irons!”
Following the employee engagement event, all the t-shirts were donated to charity.
Most t-shirts ironed in one hour group with certificate 
Prior to the record attempt each t-shirt had to be sufficiently crumpled by being washed with warm water, and in order for each top to count towards the total they could have no creases after ironing.