Business management consultant company RWE Consulting GmbH recently organised a record-breaking team-building event for its employees across the globe.
In an attempt to create the world’s Largest drink umbrella mosaic, a huge group of company staff gathered on the beach at Noordwijk in the Netherlands to take on the challenge. 
Largest drink umbrella mosaic birds eye view
Placing 20,000 individual cocktail decorations over the course of three hours, the dedicated team created the logo of the RWE energy company Innogy, spanning 107.51 m² (1,157 ft² 32.82 in²).
Guinness World Records official adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann was on hand to confirm the attempt had set a new world record and present a certificate to the business.
Largest drink umbrella mosaic certificate presentation
Klaus Grellmann, director of RWE Consulting (Germany) was thrilled with his team: “We didn’t want another standard teambuilding activity, we wanted to combine it with a tough challenge.
“While setting up the record we needed to operate the same way we operate in business projects. We had to act in a team, needed to plan strategically and analytically and implement everything coordinated.”