Over 300 employees of the German cable network operator Unitymedia became Guinness World Records title holders during a team-building event at the RheinEnergieSTADION in Cologne, Germany last week.
The company decided to create the world’s Longest chain of glowsticks to represent its new "expanded GIGA fibre optic network".
Longest chain of glowsticks employee
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann (pictured below) was invited to count and verify the attempt.
Longest chain of glowsticks adjudicator 
She was thrilled to announce that, after four hours of hard work, Unitymedia had bettered the previous record by over a third and achieved a new number of 32,499 glowsticks.
Longest chain of glowsticks setting up 
Daniel Kleinbauer of Unitymedia was really happy with his team's performance: “The record is achieved. It is impressive how engaged the staff were and how much fun they had doing this. We are going GIGA!”
Once the sun started to set, the 6,491.91 metres-long (21,298 ft 11.01 in) line of glowsticks lit up the stadium - and the participants were able to bask in the glow of their success.