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The Results

The record:
1,200 participants
Media Reach:
Over 260 million impressions
Media Coverage:
Popular Mechanics, ABC News, and Yahoo! News

The Brief

When US-based retailer Aaron’s Inc. wanted a team building challenge for its national managers’ meeting that would spring its 2,000 associates into action, Guinness World Records provided the ideal, bespoke solution.

The retailer wanted a staff engagement exercise that would give each participant a vital role to play and which would also benefit the local community.

After consulting with Guinness World Records, it became clear that the Engage to Unite programme, the fully customized service that facilitates team bonding on a massive scale, was just the package.

The Solution

After capturing the client’s detailed brief, the Guinness World Records Lab created a challenge that would bring all the employees together in a shared sense of problem solving and achievement – the Largest human mattress dominoes.

An experienced Guinness World Records team ensured the event went smoothly by working closely with Aaron’s Inc. on logistics. On the day, a dominoes expert was on hand to set up 34 rows of mattresses manufactured by Woodhaven Industries, which is owned by Aaron’s Inc. The team worked so effectively that the feat was accomplished on the first attempt, giving them official entry into the world’s ultimate club: Guinness World Records title holders.

As a perfect end to the event, all 1,200 mattresses were donated to charitable organizations in the Washington D.C. area, including A Wider Circle, an organisation focused on helping end individual and family poverty.

Breaking a Guinness World Records title has been a great team building event for the associates we have attending our National Managers meeting. The significance of this event is that through the generosity of our manufacturing plant, Woodhaven, and our ACORP stores, we are able to provide 1,200 beds to needy families in the D.C. area. Our associates had great fun participating and knowing their efforts support our mission of giving back to our communities.

— John Robinson, CEO of Aaron’s Inc.