Largest spray paint mural by a team

Two years ago, many were stunned by the illustrious mural that lined Olympic Boulevard at the 2016 Rio Olympics, a creation by rendered by artist Eduardo Kobra and his team of spray paint artists.

Titled “Etnias”, the art piece made headlines for stretching 560-feet long, and measured a feat that earned the talented group the record for the Largest spray paint mural by a team.

Largest spray paint mural by a team 6

Now, Kobra and his fellow painters have outdone themselves, having beat the 2016 title with their latest work at Cacua Show Headquarters - a masterpiece which took 700 hours to complete and more than doubled their previous record.

Largest spray paint mural by a team 2

Cacau Show, a chocolate company located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was interested in promoting their business in an aesthetically and attention-worthy way.

Largest spray paint mural by a team 3

So what better way to do so than with a group of artists who hold a Guinness World Records title?

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Kobra and his team compiled 2,000 cans of spray paint and 1,400 litres of acrylic paint in order to achieve the wall which measured a surface area of 5,728.62 m² (61,662 ft² 50 in²).

It depicts the history of the cocoa plant and serves as a homage to people who harvest and work in the cocoa productive process, an industry which creates the of the world's most popular food products, chocolate.

Largest spray paint mural by a team 4

In fact, the entire background of the mural is an enormous chocolate bar!

Since the first time he began painting in his teen years, Kobra has crafted street art in 20 different countries, doing renditions of Bob Dylan, Dalai Lama, Yoda, and John Lennon. 

While he has already produced two record-breaking pieces of art thanks to the help of his team, we anticipate more great work from the artist in future.

Largest spray paint mural by a team 5