An interactive video released on the internet this week for a classic Bob Dylan song has earned the singer a world record for longest wait for a single's official music video.

"Like a Rolling Stone" premiered on the musician's website yesterday – more than 48 years after the song originally became a hit around the world.

Directed by Vania Heymann, the video allows viewers to scroll through 16 simulated TV channels by using the arrow keys on their keyboard.

Each station features actors and real-life presenters lip-synching the lyrics to the 1965 single.

The various channels are peppered with numerous celebrity performers such as rapper Danny Brown, the hosts of reality TV show Pawn Stars, and game show host Drew Carey (on the set of The Price Is Right), while one of the stations shows a vintage live performance of the song by Dylan himself.

"It's an hour and fifteen minutes of content if you watch every channel from top to bottom," Heymann explained to "It's like a feature film inside a five-minute music video."

The video, which took about two months to put together, has been released to mark Dylan's forthcoming 47-disc box set, The Complete Album Collection Vol. One.

To watch the record breaking video, click here.

Dylan also currently holds the record for oldest person to reach No.1 on the UK album chart with a newly recorded album, after Together Through Life hit the top spot in 2009 with the singer then aged 67.

Dylan held the equivalent record in the US for his 2006 album modern times, however this title now belongs to veteran star Tony Bennett, who topped the Billboard charts in 2011 with Duets II at the grand old age of 85 years and 66 days.