Imagine a house where it, and everything inside, was made out of chocolate.

Well imagine no more as thanks to Brazilian chocolate manufacturer, Equipe da Casa do Chocolate, this chocolate lover's dream now exists in the form of the Largest chocolate sculpture.

Weighing 10,488 kg (23,122.08 lbs), this 15 m² house in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was constructed with dense chocolate bricks and melted chocolate to hold each piece in place.

The enormous 2.40-metre high sculpture was made in honour of the company’s name, which translates to 'House of Chocolate' in English.

Largest chocolate sculpture 5

While the outside of the house is certainly impressive to look at, chocolatier chef Alex Bishop took interior decorating to a new level showing that chocolate is not only a sumptuous treat, it can be used as an art form.

largest chocolate sculpture pots 1

Inside, one can find several household objects made entirely of chocolate, including wood stove, pans, spoon, jars, cups, chair, desk, typewriter, pen – exemplifying Bishop's 30 years experience.

Largest chocolate sculpture 2

There are even silicone molded structures of Brazilian icons Ana Maria Braga and Chico Xavier, who are honoured figures in country’s history and culture.

Surprisingly, it only took volunteers 13 days to put the entire record-breaking house together.

Largest chocolate sculpture

It now sits at the company’s chocolate museum for visitors to look at.

largest chocolate sculpture bird

This new title breaks a record that has stood for the last three years, previously held by by Aficion Chocolate in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China.