split image of whole view of the largest display of solar lantern and close up view of the lanterns

A lighting installation in Chiayi, a city across the Tropic of Cancer in Taiwan, has broken the record for the largest display of solar lanterns.

Chiayi is renown for its abundant sunlight, giving it many solar energy resources for clean, eco-friendly energy. It is one of the main cities in Taiwan to implement all-electric public buses, for example.

The natural solar energy resources and the government's encouragement of green energy policies enabled the largest display of solar lanterns to be created in one of Chiayi's parks.

bird eye view of the display without passengers

Named "Crescent Roaming", one of the light art works of the "Dancing of Light and Shadows 2022", the display will light up Chiayi City's night sky during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, beginning this year on the 10th September and lasting for three days, is celebrated in differing forms in various Asian nations. The festival is a celebration of the moon and is a time for gathering with friends and family, giving thanks and prayer. Another common element to the festival (apart from creating and eating mooncakes!) are lanterns.

This is why the decision was made to create the lighting structure using eco-friendly, modern solar lanterns.

close up of small solar lantern

The team built a crescent-shaped trail with a maximum diameter of 25 meters and inlaid it below the lake.

Tourists can walk along a specially created sunken walkway that curves out into the lake to get closer to the water.

Viewing the moon from a perspective of two meters below the ground, surrounded by the lake's shimmering water, is meant to give a romantical and fantastical experience.

close up of small solar lantern at night

The lighting design of Crescent Roaming uses 1,520 solar lanterns, breaking the previous record of 1,239 solar lanterns that was achieved by the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens in Australia in 2019.

It took 9 people almost 2 months to create and build the display. 

The record was achieved by Chiayi City Government, Tsai Hsin Mo, HowFun International Co., Ltd., and ArcTainan National University of the Arts - Group B.  

The Chinese homonym of "+1520" also represents "Chiayi, I love you", and the honor and pride of this record-breaking achievement was dedicated to every citizen of Chiayi.

the team who built the display

"This Guinness World Record title carries the full love and blessing of all the citizens of Chiayi," said Huang Ming-Hui, the Mayor of Chiayi City.


"Each solar lamp represents warmth, hoping that through the magic power of light and shadow art, it can soothe and heal the hearts of every visitor during the epidemic." - Huang Ming-Hui, the Mayor of Chiayi City