Looking to create an unforgettable team-building activity for their annual employee conference in Manchester, Kelloggs UK knew an official world record attempt would be an ideal way to incorporate their products while encouraging staff members to act as a unit. 
Unsure which record they should attempt, Kelloggs UK turned to Guinness World Records for help. 
Our records management and creative teams were on hand to come up with a host of suggestions, with the idea of an attempt at the record for the Most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion eventually decided upon by Kelloggs UK as the challenge for the conference.
The record attempt proved to be huge success during last month's event, with Kelloggs staff setting-up and knocking down an impressive total of 2,686 packets of their classic cornflakes to successfully set a new title.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel was invited to adjudicate the challenge and was able to confirm the record on site, making sure the event ended on a high note.
Following the Guinness World Records guidelines for all food-related record attempts, the cornflakes did not go to waste.
Kelloggs VP Research, Nutrition and Technology, Peter Headridge said: "I'm very, very proud of the team. We showed greated teamwork. And what's even better is all those cartons are off to our local foodbank".
This is not the first time the cereal giant has utilised the power of record-breaking to enhance their brand, as Kellogg’s Middle East & Africa created the Largest cereal box, Kellogg's South Africa (along with Sync Communications and Automatic) made the Largest bowl of cereal (pictured below), and El Desayunote Kellogg's (Mexico) hosted the Largest cereal breakfast (multiple venues).