Dutch HR service provider and employment agency Tempo Team included an exciting record-breaking element in their recent annual employees’ meeting in Arnhem, Netherlands.
The company produced a giant ball pit which had a vast surface area of 346.82 m² (3,733.139 ft²) and contained an incredible 1,100,000 balls (which measured no more than 4 inches (10.1 cm) in diameter) – setting a new title for the Largest ball bath ever.
The red balls in the pit featured the new Tempo Team logo, with the massive bath having an average depth of 1.41 m (4 ft 7.51 in). Over 1,000 Tempo Team employees took the opportunity to  take a dip in the pool.
The attempt sunk the previous record which Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai (China) achieved in 2013 with a 315.6 m² (3397.1 ft²) ball pit that had an average depth of 1.3 m (4 ft 3 in) and contained 1,000,000 balls.
It took hours to fill the rectangular padded pool with over a million red balls, but the pit was finally finished and, following an audit by a qualified surveyor, Tempo Team was confirmed as the proud new record title holder for the biggest ball bath in the world.
Tempo Team’s General Manager spoke of the company’s effort to break the record: “As one of the largest HR providers we believe in teamwork, team spirit and the necessary fun strong teams should share with one another."
A spokesperson added: "We wanted to try and set a record that implies fun for our employees as well as illustrate team spirit"
"Everyday our employees are working very hard in teams to help people find a job and help employers with the best candidate. The record attempt therefore symbolises team effort and team spirit."