A fitness enthusiast from China has had a year to remember after setting an incredible eight Guinness World Records titles.

27-year-old Liu Weiqiang from Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, embarked on his fitness journey during middle school to enhance his physical fitness. Reflecting on his past, he humorously remarked: "If I were to go back 12 years, my middle school self could never have imagined that I would be setting world records." 

The eight consecutive world records Liu Weiqiang broke were previously held by six challengers from various countries. Moreover, he significantly improved upon these records. 

They are:

  • Most ring dips in one minute carrying a 60 lb pack (male) - 36
  • Most pull ups in one minute with a 80 lb pack - 25
  • Most ring dips in one minute carrying a 100 lb pack (male) - 20
  • Heaviest weighted pull up - 109.20 kg
  • heaviest weighted tricep dip - 154.20 kg
@guinnessworldrecords Heaviest weighted tricep dip 💪 154.20 kg (339.95 lbs) by Liu Weiqiang 🇨🇳 #weightlifting#strength#guinnessworldrecords♬ original sound - Guinness World Records
  • Heavest single repetition weighted ring muscle up (male) - 44.30 kg
  • Most ring dips in one minute carrying a 40 lb pack (male) - 42 kg
  • Most knuckle push ups carrying 80 lb pack in one minute - 72 kg


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"Due to the pressures of work and the natural aging process, I found myself with less energy for fitness than before. I believed that my training performances were already approaching record levels, so I decided to put myself to the test. I chose several challenges with a higher chance of success and scheduled them during the beginning of this year's vacation," he explained.

He shared his preparation for these challenges on social media, documenting his process of aspiring to, approaching, and ultimately surpassing these records. 

In his short videos, Liu Weiqiang showcased astonishing core, upper-arm, and shoulder strength, capturing the attention of numerous fitness enthusiasts. Online users affectionately dubbed him the "Joyful God," expressing their admiration and respect. However, alongside praise, there were also sceptical voices, speculating that his equipment was "props" and his muscles were "fake."


Liu Weiqiang, however, maintains that he doesn't see himself as an internet celebrity and is used to taking all sorts of online commentary in his stride.

"At first, I felt bothered by the doubts and criticism," the SWAT police officer candidly admitted, "but eventually, I grew accustomed to it."

Beyond sharing training videos, he willingly imparts his training techniques, such as fundamental tutorials for pull-ups and guidance on enhancing bench press through street workouts, all while patiently addressing inquiries from online users.

"When I first started with fitness, online resources were scarce, and it was difficult to find guidance from fellow enthusiasts. Therefore, I simply wanted to share my training process on social media," Liu Weiqiang remarked.

For Liu Weiqiang, the joy of fitness lies in the challenges. He believes that hard work is the key to understanding one's limitations and unlocking the potential to exceed them.

Reflecting on his 12-year commitment to fitness and achieving a level where he can break world records, Liu Weiqiang likened the experience to reaching a summit, evoking a sense of fulfilment.

Since starting my job, I've had less time for fitness, and I've felt a bit slack. However, after proving myself through these records, I find fitness to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Currently, there are several pending record applications for Liu Weiqiang, and he even has new challenge plans on the horizon.

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