A teenage boy has become a legend in the playground after breaking a skipping record that's stood for a whopping 10 years.

16-year-old Zhou Qi from Yuyao City, Ningbo, China, who just graduated from junior high school, broke the Guinness World Records title for the most skips in one minute, with a result of 374.

The record had gone unbroken for a whole decade, with Daisuke Mimura (Japan) previously claiming it with 348 skips in 2013.

The attempt was planned independently by Zhou Qi, who invited his friends to help him complete the challenge. 

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His first application submission was ruled invalid because it did not completely follow the guidelines, but the youngster wasn't discouraged from following his dream.

After online communication with the records management team, Zhou Qi quickly completed his second attempt and snapped up the record.

Zhou Qi said: "My best performance was 398 times in one minute, and that was done in the online part of the middle school division of the 3rd Primary and Secondary School Students' Rope Skipping Championship in 2022. 

"At that time, I wanted to challenge the world record. Because middle school was really intense, I had to plan the challenge a year later. Although, training time was reduced because of schoolwork, I never doubted my strength for the attempt."

Zhou Qi has been in the school rope skipping team for seven years and often participates in province and even national competitions.


In elementary school, he trained twice a day and soon stood out in competitive rope jumping, even setting a team record.

After entering junior high school, Zhou Qi still insisted on training twice a week, and on weekends, he would ask his best friend to go for a run with him to maintain his physical fitness.

"I really like the feeling of going all out and releasing all your strength to sprint in sports," he said.

Zhou Qi shared his experience in rope jumping, saying: "If you want to make a breakthrough in high-speed rope skipping, the trainer must be very disciplined.

"Maintaining the sport condition by practising for long periods of time will help increase speed; at the same time, jumping rope for long periods of time and in large quantities in a single session is needed to break through to endurance."

Zhou Qi would like to become a coach when he's older and pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

He said: "I hope to become a coach like my own coach, and I also hope that by that time my players are people who won't be bowed down by difficulties."


Zhou Qi has always has plenty of encouragement from his parents, coach, and his friends.

"They were all very supportive about the attempt and gave me as much help as they could," he said. "So I not only feel excited to take the record, I want to thank them even more."

He's not stopping there though and hopes to beat his own record one day.

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