Martial arts master Kerim Duygu from Germany has literally smashed the record for the Most baseball bats broken with shins in one minute.
Watch the video to see the 36-year-old kickboxing pro snap 65 standard baseball bats in just 60 seconds – that’s more than one a second!

As permitted by the official guidelines, Kerim recruited a number of helpers to place the bats in vertical racks while he speedily moved round kicking one wooden bat in half at a time, often with just one swift kick.
The rules for this eye-watering record also state that the challenger must not wear any protective clothing over the legs - but if Kerim was in any pain during the challenge, he doesn't show it.
Most baseball bats broken with shins 
 The attempt took place at as part of a Martial Arts Day event Kerim organised in Hanover, Germany, with a huge audience cheering him on.
I decided to break the record after having been asked many times to do so. In addition, I very much like the Guinness World Records books.
Kerim Duygu is a Bujutsu, Thai kickboxing, Karate, Ninjutsu, and Kenjutsu expert and runs a martial arts training school.
Previously, the most baseball bats broken with the shins in one minute was 54, achieved by Nobuaki Kakuda of Japan in 2009.