Blake Augustine (USA) recently broke the record for the Most clap pull ups in one minute after completing an impressive 30 reps during an attempt in Neosho, Missouri, USA. 
The fitness enthusiast attempted this record both for personal achievement and to help him build a personal training business.
The rules for this record state that the feet must be off the ground throughout the activity and the palms of the hands must touch in order for the clap pull up to count towards the record total.
In his application for the title, Blake told Guinness World Records: “I have been training for years on upper body workouts such as pull ups in my training for American Ninja Warrior. This record would help me gain the necessary accreditation's to compete on the show. Also, having dedicated my life to proper health and nutrition, my career path is to be a personal trainer. Having a world record would also help stimulate my client growth and show how dedicated I am to healthy living.” 
Most clap pull ups in one minute 
Blake takes the record for Ron “The Pull Up Guy” Cooper (also USA), who achieved a total of 25 reps on the set of NBC's Today in New York.