Adam Sandel calls himself “a fitness enthusiast, pull-ups aficionado and Guinness World Records title holder,” and his latest achievement certainly strengthens this claim. 

The 31-year-old, who is from Brookline, Massachusetts in the US, recently attempted the hotly contested title for Most pull-ups in one minute, after months of training.

Though the attempt is clearly gruelling and Adam begins to slow towards the end, he manages to carry on and nudge the previous record holder off the podium by one rep, securing a new record of 51.

“My goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible in pull-ups,” he said. “A long-term goal of mine is to set as many Guinness World Records titles in pull-ups as I can.”

Anyone interested in challenging this title must make sure they follow the Guinness World Records guidelines. For pull-ups, these include making sure the body remains straight throughout and that the chin is raised above the level of the bar for each rep. (Two of Adam’s pull ups were disqualified by our records team due to form errors.)

On hand to watch his attempt was Adam’s close friend and fellow fitness record-breaker Ron “The Pull Up Guy” Cooper, who held this record back in 2013.