Russian man-mountain Alexander Muromskiy has once again proved his incredible strength by setting another world record, this time for the Most iron bars bent with the head in one minute.
The 43-year-old strong man amazed onlookers during the attempt which took place last month at the Rio Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Orel, by successfully folding 12 bars within the 60 second limit.
Muromskiy had set himself the tough challenge of beating his own record of 11 pieces which he had originally set last year at the KTC Ugra Clasic in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia.
Although he makes it look as easy as bending a straw in the video below, the bars used in the attempt had to conform to strict Guinness World Records guidelines for their resistance.
For the record attempt to be valid the bars had to be no longer than 3.28 ft (100 cm), weigh at least 540 g (1.19 lbs) and have a minimum diameter width of 12 mm (0.47 in).
This real-life hulk was allowed to use only his head to bend each iron bar, without any cushion or support. 
He then had to continue bending them to an angle of 90 degrees with no mechanical or electrical assistance, using only his own incredible strength.
Muromskiy is a serial record breaker who currently holds the title for the Fastest time to bend a 6 m long iron bar and fit it into a suitcase, which he did in a speedy 25 seconds.
Most iron bars bent with the head in one minute - certificates
His talents don’t end at bending bars; he also holds the record for Tightest frying pan roll of three pans, after rolling three aluminium skillets to a total circumference of just 40.5 cm (16 in) with his bare hands within 30 seconds
Watch the video below to witness the record-breaking attempt for the Most iron bars bent with the head in one minute.