Tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels
Paul Swift
88 centimetre(s)
United Kingdom (Towcester)

The tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two side wheels is 88 cm (2 ft 10.6 in) wider than the height of the vehicle, achieved by Paul Swift (UK) at Silverstone in Nottinghamshire, UK, for Guinness World Records Day 2023.

This record is based on shortening the distance between the height of the truck and the width of the gap traversed.

Multiple Guinness World Records title holder Paul chose to attempt the record in a Ford Raptor, with a measured height from ground to top of the roof of 1,885 mm (6 ft 2.2 in), not counting the shark-fin antenna. He drove the Raptor up a ramp and on to two wheel before negotiating the 2.7-tonne (5,996-lb) truck through a gap between two rigid slalom poles placed 2,765 mm (9 ft 0.8 in) apart, giving an average clearance either side of just 44 cm (1 ft 5.3 in). Paul was successful on his third attempt, only just clearing the pole to his right by about a centimetre.

All measurements on the day were taken using precision Leica laser technology and confirmed by surveyor Robert Elliot of Scope Survey & Engineering.