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On November 16, talented record holders from every corner of the world joined forces to celebrate the 19th Guinness World Records Day.

Some of the records broken on the day were:

  • Tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels
  • Highest backflip pogo stick jump 
  • Most consecutive single leg full twist back somersaults 
  • Most consecutive Double Dutch-style handstand skips (team of two) 

In continuity with the previous celebrations, the theme for this year’s GWR Day was once again super skills.

Every day, from history-changing achievements to gymnastics and jaw-dropping human beings, the elite-level talent showcased by our record holders leaves us speechless and in awe. 

But a super skill is, first and foremost, a special talent that everybody can find and nurture: at Guinness World Records, we believe that everybody can break a record if they set their mind and heart on it. 

“It doesn’t matter what your passion or skill is, there's a record to be broken and we want to hear from you - and hopefully get you into the next edition of the book,” said Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday.

Paul driving his pickup

Tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels 

Right inside the pulsating heart of British Formula 1 – in the circuit of Silverstone, just outside of London, UK - amazing stunt driver Paul Swift (UK) has squeezed an impressive pick up truck into a tiny gap of 88 cm.

The record was already challenging due to the size and suspension travel of the vehicle, but the windy day further added to the difficulty.

Paul already achieved several other titles during his career: other than this two wheelie feat, he also achieved the fastest time to perform five car stunts, completed the viral tightest parallel park in an electric car and performed most doughnuts around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minute.

Today, he joins Guinness World Records in an international celebration of super skills.  


Highest backflip pogo stick jump 

To celebrate GWR Day,Xpogo members Henry Cabelus and Michael Mena (both US) went head-to-head to achieve the record title for the highest backflip pogo stick jump.

Henry and Michael battled to break the existing record title, which had stood at 2.82 m (9 ft 3 in) since 2012: at the end of the challenge, only one of them would break the record and take home the coveted Guinness World Records certificate!

“Me and Mena have been neck and neck at most competitions for the last few years,” said Henry. 

Find out who came out victorious from this nail-biting head-to-head here.

One-leg backflips with background pagoda

Most consecutive single-leg full twist back somersaults 

32-year-old pro-athlete Zhou Quan (China) joined the records galore with an impressive athletic trick in front of Wuling Pavilion, a landmark in his hometown Chenzhou, in the Huan Province.

The extreme sports coach and 2018 Tricking World Champion successfully achieved the most consecutive single leg full twist back somersaults record, racking up 11 consecutive back flips. 

Blending Brazilian war dance, taekwondo and martial arts, tricking incorporates exercises from gymnastics and other sports techniques. The repeated single-legged back flips have challenged the athlete’s balance and strength, testing the limits of his super skills. 

“I first learned about tricking on the internet over a decade ago,” he said to Guinness World Records. 

“It’s so cool, I was immediately deeply attracted. I feel great, happy and most of all proud to achieve this record title.” 

Handstand skips

Most consecutive Double Dutch-style handstand skips (team of two)

Super-talented Double Dutch players Nene Kaneko and Masakazu Hashimoto successfully achieved the most consecutive Double Dutch-style handstand skips by two people with an outstanding total of 31. 

Masakazu, under the name "Masa," performs as one of the six members of Capliore – a team of professional Double Dutch players and Cirque du Soleil artists.

Masa was also one of Nene’s Double Dutch instructors: this personal connection made the achievement even more emotional for them.

At 25-year-old, Nene also holds the record for most consecutive Double Dutch-style handstand skips with an incredible result of 98 skips.

More records broken around the world:
  • Fastest mile controlling a table tennis ball: Christian Lopez Rodriguez (Spain) - 6 min 4.41
  • Fastest mile dribbling a basketball: Christian Lopez Rodriguez (Spain) - 4 min 23.32
  • Fastest mile wearing handcuffs (male): Christian Lopez Rodriguez (Spain) - 4 min 25 
  • Most tennis balls held in the hand-palm down: Michael Mercurio (Italy) - 8
  • Fastest time to flip three water bottles: Rocco Mercurio (Italy) - 0.97 seconds
  • Most poker chips balanced on one finger: Rocco Mercurio (Italy) - 255 
  • Most billiard balls held in one handRocco Mercurio (Italy) -17 
  • Most stacked drinking glasses standing after a table cloth pull using a bank note: Rocco Mercurio (Italy) - 8
  • Fastest time to topple ten targets using a water pistol: Rocco Mercurio (Italy) - 5.93 seconds
  • Most green coconuts smashed with the head in one minute: Muhammad Rashid (Pakistan) - 43
  • Most hula hoop rotations around the knees on inline skates in 30 seconds: K.Rithish (India) - 85
  • Most hula hoop rotations on a unicycle in one minute: K.Rithish (India) - 74
  • Most Hula hoop rotations around the neck on a balance board in one minute: Aadhav Sugumar (India) - 153
  • Most hula hoop rotations around the neck while in splits position in one minute: Myra Chetan Pophale (India) - 158
  • Most tacos assembled in one minute (team of two): Andre Ortolf and Tobias Wittmeir (Germany) - 17
  • Longest duration to keep two balloons in the air with the head: David Rush (US) - 13 min 58
  • Fastest time to bounce a ping pong ball into five cups: David Rush and Jonathan Hannon (US) - 1.50 seconds
  • Most baseball bats broken with the hands while holding an egg in one minute: Muhamed Kahrimanovic (Bosnia) - 10
  • Most sword figures of eight in one minute (blindfolded): Chirag Lukha (UK) - 98
  • Most candles extinguished with a single nunchaku strike while blindfolded: Chirag Lukha (UK) - 28
  • Most candles extinguished with a single nunchaku strike: Chirag Lukha (UK) - 28
  • Most sword figures of eight in one minute: Chirag Lukha (UK) - 107
  • The most drink cans crushed with elbow in one minute: Jens Gaude (Germany) 120
  • Most drink cans crushed with elbow in one minute: Jens Gaude (Germany) - 120
  • Most darts thrown with the foot in one minute: Palina Glebova (Germany) - 9
  • Fastest time to solve a rotating puzzle cube while performing a five hula hoop split: N.M. Sri Oviyasena (India) - 51.24 sec
  • Most hula hoop rotations around one knee in 30 seconds: V. Nialah (India) - 102

“GWR Day is a recognition and a celebration,” said Craig on the occasion of last year’s GWR Day. “It’s not easy – very few people have records, and it’s a very small number of the population.”

But that’s what today is about: it might be challenging, it might be difficult, but have a go at it anyway. - Craig Glenday

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