Stunt racer breaks record for tightest park in an electric car ever

By Eleonora Pilastro
Paul during stunt and with cert

Attention, car lovers and adrenaline seekers! 

Plenty of engines roared at the British Motor Show 2022, the all-about-motors event that took place in Farnborough, UK, during the weekend between 18 and 22 August.

Amidst supercars, classic sportscars and models displaying the latest avant-garde tech in motors, British stunt driver Paul Swift pushed the boundaries of stunt racing and mesmerized the public. 

Under the watchful eye of Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel, Swift broke four Guinness World Records titles. 

Tightest parallel park in an electric car

On the very first day, Swift attempted to set a new record for the tightest parallel park in an electric car.

This record measures the smallest space into which an electric car can be parked in line with other vehicles, requiring masterful skill and strong nerves. 

Swift only had three seconds to park in the space which was created by two Mini Coopers, parked parallel to the curb.

Mini parked between red and white cars

The Motorsport champion squeezed his white Mini-e into the tight parking spot with a perfect technique, setting a new world record of only 30 centimeters.  

"I'm shaking like a leaf," Swift said after the attempt.

The gap is measured by subtracting the length of the car being parked from the size of the parking space. 

However, this wasn't the first time Paul Swift had broken this record. 

Paul posing on the first day of the event with his certificate

The seven-time British Motorsport champion broke the record on the very first day of the Motor Show, successfully parking his Mini-e with 35 cm to spare.

However, he didn’t rest on his laurels and was set on improving his result.

He attempted the record once more on the fourth and last day of the British Motor Show, outshining his previous performance. 

An impressive record indeed, although we certainly wouldn't want to try parking a car in such a tight spot every day!

Paul with yellow car and cert

Most donuts (spins) around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minute

But achieving one record wasn't enough for the ambitious racer. 

During the weekend, the professional stunt driver teamed up with stunt driver JD Stunts and also broke the record for the most donuts (spins) around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minutetwice!

On the second day, Swift managed to spin a yellow Ford Mustang around the moving motorbike 8 times.

Once again, though, he didn't settle for the first success.

The day after, Paul attempted the record again and bettered his result with 10 spins around a motorcycle.

Mustang spinning around bike

Paul Swift is a seven-time British Motorsport Champion. 

To him, driving is not just a profession but a passion, and also a family tradition. 

His father, stunt driving legend Russ Swift, taught him how to perform stunts on the family's ride-on lawn mower back in 1986 at the tender age of seven.

At 16 he began competing in Motorsport and kickstarted an ongoing streak of stunt successes. 

Following in the footsteps of his father, he soon entered the Olympus of stunt pilots and is now a racer with over thirty years of experience.

Paul and adjudicator smiling with cert

The 2022 British Motor Show marked the latest in a long line of career achievements for Swift, who concluded the weekend with two new Guinness World Records titles. 

Will more records await him on the road? We can't wait to see!