Have you ever seen a 12 year old boy soar 70 feet through the air on a skateboard? A man perform a double backflip on a motocross bike? Or two cars successfully navigate a vertical loop the height of a five-storey building? If not, then you'll see all these spectacles and many more at the X Games in Los Angeles over the next four days.

Returning for its 18th Summer competition, the X Games is a celebration of "extreme" sports - ranging from street-style skateboarding to BMX bikes and boards alike tackling giant half pipes, park courses and the colossal mega ramp - a steep roll-in to a 70 foot gap jump, followed by a quarter pipe measuring 27 feet high that can propel riders to a height of 40 feet or more!

Freestyle motocross (FMX) and rally cross driving are also part of the competition schedule. Over four days, the world's top athletes from these disciplines will compete for X Games gold and glory, and may just set some new world records in the process.

The action kicks off on Thursday, with practice sessions on the street and park courses, along with the big air mega ramp, with an elimination round in the evening.

Among those competing here will be two-time Guinness World Records title-holder Tom Schaar. The 12-year-old holds records for both being the first person to land a 1080, (three full aerial spins on a skateboard), and for being the youngest ever X Games gold medalist. You can watch an exclusive interview with Tom here.

Tom won't be the youngest competitor present, though, as 11 year old Jagger Eaton will also be there, along with Trey Wood, also 11. Eaton's appearance will see him break the record for youngest X Games competitor by some four months, currently held by defending skateboard street gold medallist Nyjah Huston.

A win for Eaton in the skateboard big air would thus break Tom Schaar's youngest gold medallist record, so Schaar will certainly be looking to best him in Saturday's final, perhaps even with his signature 1080.

We could also witness some world-first stunts in the Moto X best trick event on Friday, which sees eight competitors given two chances each to show the world the most challenging move they can perform on a motocross bike.

One of those hoping to make history with a new trick is Kyle Loza, who'll be attempting his "bike flip" - a move which would see the bike perform a complete vertical rotation while Kyle hangs on to the handlebars at one side.

Clinton Moore, meanwhile, is hoping to land the first ever 720 - two horizontal rotations of both bike and rider. It's a trick that has thus far eluded the best the sport has to offer; FMX legend Travis Pastrana crashed out the last two years attempting it, shattering his leg doing so in the 2011 event. Pastrana is not returning to the event this year though, so it's all down to Moore to make the 720 happen.

Saturday begins with a historic world record attempt from Hot Wheels, who are bringing their popular "Double Loop Dare" toy to life with a giant orange loop the loop (pictured above). Two daring drivers will attempt the stunt simultaneously, which if successful, would break the world record for largest loop the loop by a car, most recently broken on our the Chinese Guinness World Records TV show.

The stunt will be broadcast live on both ABC and ESPN, so if you live in the USA, you've no excuse not to see history being made in real-time. For those of you living outside of the US, stay tuned to guinnessworldrecord.com, where we'll be posting a video of the attempt. If you're lucky enough to be in the area, why not come and witness it yourself? It's free to attend, and will be taking place at the Gilbert Lindsay Plaza from 11am.

Several event finals take place later on Saturday, including BMX vert on the half pipe. Jamie Bestwick of the UK has won this event an astonishing five times in a row, between 2007 and 2011. A sixth straight win here would see him tie the record for most consecutive X Games gold medals, currently held by the skateboard vert doubles team of Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald, between 1997 and 2002.

The competition is then drawn to a close on Sunday, with finals of skateboard street, rallycross, and BMX big air - another event which could just maybe be home to a world-first trick.

Throughout the four days of competition, the Guinness World Records team will be on-site at the X-Games, with plenty of exciting opportunities to offer those of you attending in person.

All day, every day you can come to see or take your picture with the world's largest skateboard, created by California Skateparks, who have also constructed all the ramps that will be used in this year's X Games competitions. Plus, if you take one of the wackiest photos each day and upload it to our Facebook page, you could be walking away with a goody bag full of Guinness World Records swag! (See postcards at the largest skateboard display for competition details).

We're also giving you the opportunity to attempt to set a skateboarding world record of your own at the X-Fest skatepark, with daily opportunities to ollie, shove-it, or kickflip your way into the record books. As an added bonus, there may even be a guest appearance or two from some of our skateboarding world record holders there as well...

Whether you're watching from home or live here at the X Games with us, we hope you'll enjoy the excitement the next four days of extreme sports competition has to offer - and you can be sure that as and when these daring athletes set any new world records, you'll be able to hear about it right here on guinnessworldrecords.com

To get you in the mood, here below is a montage of highlights from past X Games.