A tricking world champion represented his home nation of China by nailing a fast-paced somersaulting record on Guinness World Records Day.

Zhou Quan from Chenzhou, Hunan, successfully achieved the Guinness World Records title for the most consecutive single leg full twist back somersaults with an impressive result of 11.

The tricking sport integrates various elements and techniques from Brazilian capoeira and taekwondo to martial arts, gymnastics, and more, and it is still in its early stages of development in China.

Zhou Quan chose the landmark Wuling Pavilion in his hometown as the venue for the attempt because he has been working as an extreme sports coach in the area for 15 years, gradually becoming a tricking world champion.

In 2018, he won the championship at the Hooked Extreme Sports Tricking Competition in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"Over a decade ago, I first learned about tricking from the internet. Captivated by its coolness, I was immediately drawn in and couldn't stop,” Zhou shared.

"Achieving this record feels fantastic, very joyful, and most importantly, extremely proud!"


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Performing a single-leg backflip is considered to be of intermediate difficulty in tricking. However, continuously flipping without interruption increases the difficulty, testing the challenger's leg and core strength to the limit.

Zhou Quan believes that understanding one's body through simple movements, learning to control it, and then continuously strengthening and mastering a specific action is the key.

People come from afar to participate in his extreme sports training, and Zhou Quan has taught approximately 5,000 students.


About four years ago, he started engaging with social media and actively promoting extreme sports and tricking, accumulating around 2.3 million fans online.

He said: "Short videos allow more people to see this sport, which motivates me to persist in being a sports influencer. I've found that tricking is very popular among young people. As long as someone is willing to learn and ask questions, I can continue to promote it, not just limited to my classes.

"My future plan is to conduct tricking training and to let more people understand this sport."


In fact, attempting the world record is to have the opportunity for more people to see it. But what I most look forward to is for my students to challenge my record and set even higher standards.

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