Some people will bend over backwards to get in the record books – and we mean that literally when it comes to the contenders for the Most balloons burst with the back in one minute.

This week’s episode of our As Seen on TV: China YouTube series features the extraordinarily-flexible Krutas Ruslana (Ukraine) and Liu Teng (China).

They took on the challenge on the set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special at Heilan International Equestrian Club, in Jiangsu, China back in 2014.

Krutas was the underdog as Liu has achieved several impressive Guinness World Records titles in the past, but her determination pushed her to achieve an impressive 24, beating Liu’s total of 13.

However, Liu is still the proud holder of records for Fastest time to travel 20 m in a contortion roll, Most flowers picked up with the mouth in a contortion backbend in one minute and Fastest time to put six eggs in egg cups using the feet whilst in a contortion chest stand.

As Seen on TV: China is a new video series from Guinness World Records which showcases a selection of the most awe-inspiring, entertaining and sometimes shocking record attempts featured on Chinese television shows over recent years.

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