INTERPORC (Spain) highlighted the importance of the white pork industry by creating 3,000 origami pigs, setting a new record for the largest display of origami pigs/boars.

The non-profit organization represents all sectors of the white pork value chain including production, processing, and marketing. 

Backdrop of the largest display of origami pigs

For this attempt, INTERPORC toured 19 cities across Spain, inviting members of the public to make piglets using the Japanese origami technique. The city with the highest turnout was Seville with almost 700 people showing up. 

Over the tour, attendees taught members how to make origami pigs, receiving 6,500 piglets to inspect and validate. However, only 3,000 were properly made and therefore counted towards the record-breaking total.

All origami sculptures were finally displayed all together in an event that was live streamed on Interporc’s YouTube channel. 

A total of 10 boards were presented together with 300 origami pigs per board. 

Each pig was individually numbered to show which number of the total each one of them represented.

Adjudicator inspects display of origami pigs

For Spain, the pork industry is hugely important, with a turnover of 18 billion euros per year, and is the second-highest exporter of the meat in the world.

According to INTERPORC, the white coat pig industry is the driving force behind the economy and employment of many towns throughout Spain, generating more than 400,000 jobs and contributing to the economic and social development of many rural areas.

Interporc presents the event for the largest display of origami pigs

The industry remains the leading supplier of animal protein, accounting for around 19% of all animal protein consumed in Spain, ahead of dairy products, other meats, eggs and honey

In line with the Spanish white coat pig industry, Interporc would like to face new challenges in this sense to further strengthen its ties with society and to understand and meet its new demands, having been bolstered by such a prestigious title. We are working on our next Guinness World Records title™ - INTERPORC

Adjudicator awards Interporc with GWR title

In the future, INTERPORC hopes to continue their work in strengthening the bond between society and the white coat pork industry with educational resources and events.

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